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Dolled up journey to mummyhood, with some lipstick & a diaper at a time!

A Little Note

Hey! My name is Cheryl de Mello and on the 7th of April 2011, together with my partner Sham, we celebrated the arrival our first little Princess. This blog was set up to share with everyone my journey to mummyhood, the glam doll way, With a little blush, mascara & some lipstick!

Thanks for joining me on my colourful journey!


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Low Self Esteem Post-Pregnancy?!

By CherylDee · May 7, 2012

I've had writers block for months to be honest. I felt things were just getting pretty monotonous with this blog and just lost my motivation to write for a while. Then i thought, this is not only a baby blog! It's for you, the mummies, who take the time to read about my journey. I wanted to be able to write about things that bothered me as a mom. Things that not many would write about. Things that truly were embarassing or even ashamed to talk about. So you could share this part of my journey too and know that if you feel like how i do, you are not alone! :)

Well, as the title suggest, i had a bout of self esteem problems right after Kiara came along. This was totally new to me! I was always very confident about myself. I loved how i looked, talked, walked etc. I loved my flaws too. I guess that was also because i somehow managed to maintain the slim figure etc. I was even very confident about myself when i was pregnant. I felt beautiful. (Note: Not all pregnant women seems to feel the same and that is totally normal too.)

Then Kiara came along and it was like a downward spiral. I don't know if many people actually take notice of how much a woman's body actually changes just to bring a new life into this world. Our skin is stretched like a baloon, we put on what to us, seems like a tonne of weight and post baby, everything becomes so 'bleh'. You suddently have an empty stomach which initially (and will take a couple of months to tighten back again) will look like a sagging blob of skin. You have a million stretch marks all around like you've been in a fight with a tiger and all this extra weight just hanging around!!

Every woman always has something that she's proud of. Either her face, legs, boobs, ass, whole figure. I always felt sexy (pre-baby). I was always the girl with the curves and boy did i embrace it. Then post-baby, i felt ugly. Ashamed of how i looked! I looked into the mirror and what stared back at me was just hidious. I hated how i looked. I started to dress in shabby clothes. I just couldn't stand the way i looked.

I know for a fact that i was ashamed to be sexually active with Sham too. I mean, if i couldn't stand the sight of myself, how could he? What more NAKED?! I truly struggled to feel even remotely pretty again. And because of how i felt, i lost motivation to even work out. I lost the need to do anything about myself for a while. But that is not right. I was that girl who loved being pretty once. Who loved taking pictures, who loved modeling and damn right loved walking down a runway. I could not let myself just die like that. So slowly i began to eat proper. To shed a little weight bit by bit.

I'm no where near where i want to be just yet in terms of how my body is. But when i look at the mirror now, what stares back does not repulse me anymore. So if you feel anyway like i did, hang in there. Don't lose yourself. Get up, fight back and start working hard to achieve how you want to look again! My goal is to look and feel sexy again. Not for Sham or anyone else. But for ME. Because i want to feel confident of myself again, confident of how i look. And you should too.

It took a lot of courage to write about how i felt about myself then. And i won't lie, some parts made me cry. I wanted to be able to share this part of me, so that maybe if you're feeling the same, you know you are not alone. We can do this! We can achieve looking good again! I've started on a BodyRock 30 day challenge, working out for just a mere 12minutes a day, 5 days a week. I'm sure you can commit that much too, that way, we're one step closer to becoming newer, better looking US! Here's a video of the BodyRock Day 1 exercise, looks easy but trust me, left me aching all over.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/K4JyGvIvylA" frameborder="0"></iframe>


We can do this ladies! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. And hopefully, i will be able to bring you more of my journey, post baby. :)

Baby Recipe: Chicken & Carrot Porridge [Plus Storage Solutions]

By CherylDee · March 5, 2012

This is probably one of Kiara's favourite dishes and i believe many asian kids too! It's easy peasy to make and tastes delish!

What you'll need:

  • Minced Chicken
  • Diced Carrots
  • Rice (Brown Rice if you want the healthier choice)
  • Bovril (optional)
  • Garlic (optional)
  • Chicken Stock (optional)


For all the items that i stated as optional, it's really up to you which you would prefer. Some would rather skip bovril & garlic and just use chicken stock, where as some would do the opposite. So that part is really up to you how you would like your baby's food to be. I personally have used all 3 methods and Kiara likes them all the same.

Step 1 : Add rice and carrots into a pot of boiling water (or boiling chicken stock). You can add  finely chopped garlic if you would prefer to add more flavour to the dish.

I let this simmer in for about 15/20 minutes till the carrots are relatively softer. Plus rice takes a while to cook too! Once done, add in your minced chicken which cooks quite fast since they're itty bitty pieces.

I don't know why the chicken tends to clump up when they cook so i always find myself mashing them into smaller pieces especially since Kiara has now learned how to spit it out if she thinks its too big for her to chew. Next i added in some Chicken Bovril which i must say, is so delish! I grew up with bovril in my porridge and hence why i introduced it to Kiara too. But not everyone likes the taste but between the original flavour and the new Chicken version, i LOVE the chicken! I sometimes add it into my soups to make it more delicious. :p

Note: Bovril is rich in flavour and you only need the tiniest amount for your dish, so be careful and add it bit by bit till you like the way it is. It can be quite salty if you put too much, but should that happen, add water. Always does the trick for me. Then continue to simmer and it will slowly thicken up again. :)

As a finishing touch, i blend it with my handprocessor to smoothen it out. Depending on the age of your child, you contro how pureed etc you would like it.

Once that is done, you're ready to serve! (Or dish it out but wait a good ten minutes for it to cool down, it will be too hot for bubs to eat) I sometimes add tofu into the porridge, depending if i remembered to buy some from the supermarket. I love the Chinese silken tofus best. So soft and yummy!

This is a really easy dish to make, and trust me, your bubs is going to love it! Good luck!


Initially i wanted to get a baby food processor but during one of the baby fairs i attended, i saw a Braun stand and was intrigued with this hand-processor. I believe in getting things that are more practical. I mean, a baby food processor would be nice, but i thought to myself, when would i have the next baby? Because you will only be fully pureering then semi puree the foods for about 11/12 months> Then what are you going to do with it till the next baby? If you plan on having more that is!

So hence why i bought this instead, because i can use it for baking, mincing and chopping of my other ingredients! (i don't use anything spicy with this though. I have a seperate blender for all my chili/spices. It was about $100 or slightly less and i reckon its the best buy ever!

(photo credits to http://braun.com)


Now on to storing and freezing the food. Some people love making fresh dishes and some like making them in batches. I like making mine in batches. I basically make enough for maybe 3/4 feeds/meals. The remainder i freeze. I bought this version as it was the only one i came across so far. It has 7 portions in a tray, which i find odd for me because every meal, Kiara has 2 portions worth. So i always end up with 1 that is alone and i don't know what to do with it! Found a few online with even numbers and probably might ship them in. :)

I found this in Takashimaya at the baby/kids floor. If i'm not wrong, it's SGD$39.90 and each is a ¼ cup (60ml) portion. This French brand also carries a variety of products under their belt. All of which comes in beautiful colours and i just love the texture of the products. They're silicon and just so easy to pop the food out when you need it! Initially i thought of getting this food processor too. It was just so small and compact!

(photo credits to http://beabausa.com)


Do check it out in Takashimaya if you're interested. I believe we carry the full range here in Singapore. I just love all the colour combinations for this brand and always find myself wanting something new from them!

Thanks for stopping by and reading me today! Till the next one!

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Our 1st Christmas.

By CherylDee · February 29, 2012

**I drafted this in the start of January and realised that i never did post it. I know it's like 2 months late, but better late than never!**


December was a crazy month for me, hence the lack of updates. I was either constantly running around to get presents or attending to something else. Christmas is such a hectic festive season. Plus, the city was a mad house with crazy human traffic. So glad it's over in a way. Though, Christmas is the only thing i look forward to celebrating each year.

Last year's was extra special for both Sham and I. It was our first Christmas as a family and Kiara's very first Christmas. She's still rather young so we didn't talk about Santa much. But we did fil up her little stocking to the brim with extra gifts. :D Can't wait till this year's Christmas! She'll be walking, maybe running and definitely talking. So we can start with the Santa tradition i grew up with. You know the whole glass of milk with some cookies on the table? She'll be doing that too!! Maybe i'll get her an Advent calendar too!

Growing up, my family instilled in me so much traditions when it comes to Christmas. We started listening to christmas carols on the 1st of December, we'd even put up the tree in the first few days of that month. We'd all come together at my Godfather's house and help put up the tree. I even had a special ornament i choose as a child that my godpa still keeps. So i can't wait, for Sham and I to create our little traditions with Kiara. :)

So last year, my parents decided to head back home to NZ to spend christmas with the family back there. Was the first time celebrating without them and felt rather empty. As i'm the eldest, i decided to come in and cook dinner with my younger siblings in my family home. It was nice to see everyone come together and do a dish each. So by the start of dinner, we had the famous Eurasian dish, Devil's Curry, Shepard's Pie, Potato Salad, Roast Turkey & Sauteed Mushrooms on the table. Glad to say it was all gone by the end of the night! :D

Surprisingly, Kiara didn't want to go to bed! I guess with all the noise in the house, she was just too excited to go to bed. She managed to stay up to midnight to open her presents! Wish i had taken a video. She was so happy opening gifts not understanding why she had them. :)

I hope in years to come, she'll look back and smile. And if you ever read this my darling child, our Christmas couldn't be more perfect. You made it such a joyful one.


A little late to ask, but how did you and your family celebrate Christmas? Did your kid write to Santa? And did Santa give them what they asked for? ;)


By CherylDee · February 16, 2012

I left without saying a thing. But for those of you who follow me on Twitter would have known that i was studying like mad once it hit January for my exams that were at the start of February. I don't know if i have mentioned this before, but i am doing night classes to get my school papers done. They say, education knows no age boundaries. :) 

Besides, after having a child, i'm move motivated than ever to get a good foundation done for myself. Aiming for my degree. With determination, i can achieve it! (And so can you if you are thinking of it too!)

So my exams ended sometime last week. It was good to finally just be able to relax you know. The whole of January was hectic for me. I was constantly burning the midnight oil studying because it was near impossible to do so in the day when Kiara was awake. Even when she napped, i napped with her to catch up on the sleep i lost while staying up. It was pure madness. I was so so exhausted by the end of my exams.

I'm currently waiting for my exam results. (Quivering just thinking about it) I must say, the last 2 modules i had was no walk in the park. I struggled to get all the info in my already tired brains, and some how managed to do it all. Thank you to everyone who gave me the motivation to move forward no matter how tired i was.

I'm on a short school break till April when i start the next phase of madness. Oh how exciting! :p But until that happends, i'm glad to inform you that i'm back with a whole lot of things to post about! Gonna start typing one out next. Thank you for staying with me here and all those sweet inboxes some of you gave me to ask on my next post. It's nice to know that there's some of you who enjoy my posts. :)

PS: Found  a post about Christmas that i didn't post up! I know it's 2 months late, but am gonna post it up either ways!

Pregnancy test Positive! Now what?!

By CherylDee · December 23, 2011

You've had 'that' gut feeling for a while now. So you make your way down to your local pharmacy and pick up a box of pregnancy test kit. There's been some cases where a particular brand may not give you an accurate result so grab a few more just in case. You quickly rush home and take the test. It confirms your suspecions, YOU ARE PREGNANT!!! You jump around with much joy panting away thinking of all the great things to look forward to. Is it a boy or a girl, how will the baby look like, what will be the name, baby clothes, pram...the list goes on.

And then, the sudden pause. Now, how do you share this exciting news to your family, husband/boyfriend, friends etc. (Some people say you should only start telling the 'world' once you passed 3 months.)

But after all that is done, NOW WHAT?

The first step, creating a PRE-BIRTH PLAN. :) Ask yourself,

  • What kind of Doctor would you like?
  • Private or Government?
  • Which hospital would be great?
  • What kind of birth would you like?


After finding out that i was pregnant, i immediately went to google on OB/GYN's. I got friends and family members who have had kids to advice me. Out of everyone i spoke to, half of them went to private clinics, while the rest, government hospital. I understand why some choose government hospital. Usually cost being the main factor. But then again, Singapore also have one of the best medical facilities in the region. So I guess some people don't see the fuss on who they rather see.

As for myself, I chose private. Only because I wanted a specialist who will be by my side, every step of the way. Someone i could get to know on a personal level.

(photo taken from http://www.healthcommunities.com)


It wasn't easy finding an OB that I can feel comfortable with. After all, this is my first pregnancy. I'm begining to sounds like I'm searching for a soulmate isn't it? :p

Well that 'Soul searching' eventually lead me to  DR HENG TUNG LAN. I've read in so many forums on how cheerful and pleasant she was. She has helped put many women's minds at ease. After my first appointment with her, I knew I had made the right choice.

She was a joy to be around with during my pregnancy. One must always take note, that it is equally important to find an OB who will share the same thinking as you. Especially if you want a natural birth, not all doctors will share the same views as you.

Also keep in mind you might want to find a hospital that is close to your home. (Unless of course, you wouldn't mind the travelling even in labour) Trust me, when you finally feel the first few contractions, you don't want to be spending 30 minutes on the road.

With the help of our Medisave , we can use a certain amount to pay for hospital bills while the remainder of the amount is to be paid in cash. I don't exactly know how much it costs to deliver in a government hospital but from speaking to some friends, some of them managed to pay fully with medisave!

Where as for me, i could only use $1000 by Medisave and the rest cash. A normal delivery, including some painkillers (not epidurals), doctors fees and a 2 bedded room cost us about a whopping $3,171.80! So minus the amount taken from medisave, and the amount that we paid in cash was $2,171.80! My doctors fees alone for the delivery was $1,284 and the fees for Kiara's pediatrician was $235.40!

Now, i did not know fully that it could come up to that amount when i first chose to go private. (Can you imagine if i had to do a cesarean?!) DO i regret it thoug? No. The hospital took care of every one of my needs, was fully attentive to me and my baby. And you're paying for comfort, good food, quietness etc. I'm not saying that a government hospital would be any less, but there would be a difference i'm sure. I've gone visiting friends in KKH and i must say, its so very noisy! I don't know how anyone can fall asleep there.

So you really ought to do your research on how and where you would like to have your baby. Yeah, everyone says money is not a factor. But it is. Not everyone would want to spend that extra thousand over dollars on a hospital, they would rather spend it on the baby when he/she comes.

I hope i helped some of you understand a little more on how the costing goes and all. Thank you for taking the time to read! 

PS: Christmas is in 2 days! HO! HO! HO! :D

Awesome Finds: Nappies & Baby Milk for less!

By CherylDee · November 21, 2011

Oh another fabolous find!

I found this from a friend of mine via facebook. She had posted it on her page for all mummies and i'm so glad that i clicked that link. (Ruby, if you're reading this, thank you!)

So this has got to be the best online purchase thus far! This seller carries a whole bunch of dirrerent nappies you could ever want. From Drypers, Huggies, Mamy Poko to Pet Pet. She has them all! What's even more exciting is that she carries popular brands of milk powder too! You can see Frisco, Similac, Gain IQ just to name a few.

So i made a purchase with her on Saturday and managed to collect my goods from her yesterday evening.(Sunday)

Can you imagine? Those 3 items cost me $96! In stores, a 1.6kg of Mamil Gold Step 1 would cost about $72 while Huggies Ultra in a pack of 40 would cost about $17++ almost $18. In her store, i bought the milk for $68 and the nappies for $14 a packet!! That's about $12 in savings!!!      **She does not carry the pack of 64 for the Ultra version, but there is one for Dry Comfort which is $14.80 - still very much a steal!**

Just in case any of you are as anal as Sham and I are about the products and where they are originally from, they're Singapore products. I won't buy something that comes from elsewhere especially for the milk. It is just a personal preference. :) Even the nappies comes with the collectable stamps!

So if you're looking to save some money too, hop on down to Diapers & Milk Powder Bulk Purchase to make your purchase today! She does free delivery if you order any 6 items. If anything below, it will be $3 delivery charge. Of course, you can always collect from her like i did too!

TIll the next one! Thanks for reading! :D


Awesome Finds: Munchkin Foodies Store

By CherylDee · November 21, 2011

Eeks! I thought i had posted this last night! Sorry for the delay.

(Before we jump right into this post, i'd like to apologise for the low quality of the pictures. Its 1.06am and i just took pictures of the items. But i hope i managed to tweak it a little so it comes out fine.)

Anyways, i found this online shop, Munchkin Foodies Store a while ago but because Kiara was not at the age yet for snacks/chippies, i had to wait till she was. I did buy some from Cold Storage/NTUC Fairprice earlier on. In fact i started Kiara on some biscuits first. She loves this Take One Bite brand especially the crarrot flavoured version. Quite yummy!

I started her on that when she was about 5 months. She now gobbles it down like a Pro! :p After that, i introduced her to Gerber Baby Puffs. She does not know how to hold them with her thumb and forefinger yet, so i help pop it into her mouth. She does however hold her bigger biscuits, that is, if she's not beling lazy. (She like to just leave the whole piece in her mouth and slowly munch the whole thing up without touching it. Lazy little girl)

So back to the wonderful store i found. The owner of it, Nurul, has been wonderful. Always ready to give you any info you may require on the products. I met her for the first time on Friday when i picked up some of the goodies i bought from her. She sells the puffs above and if i'm not wrong they're $6 from her. Here's my loot from her! It isn't much, but i can't wait to try more things from her! :D

When i spoke to her, she was telling me how we don't have the Gerber Yogurt Melts here so i bought one to try. I also picked up HappyMelts yogurt snacks which are Organic, as she was saying they're quite the popular choice. I've tried both and  must say, i know why the organic is the popular choice!

In terms of taste, the organice melts are amazingly delicious! The Gerber version seems to have quite an artificial taste to them. Well, in my opinion anyway. Kiara likes them both the same. Though once she's done with the Gerber melts, i doubt i will be purchasing them again. In terms of size though, Gerber melts are much bigger! Organic ones seems to be more flat with a pallet like surface. (Gerber Melts are $6.50 while HappyMelts Organic yogurt snacks are $6.80 - She pointed out that you can find the organic ones here in leading supermarkets though their retail price is $9.80)

I also picked up Gerber lil' crunchies Mild Cheddar but i've yet to open it. I'm letting K finish up her current snacks before opening that. Also, that will be my first time introducing cheese to her. So i'm quite nervous but excited at the same time. (Truth be told, i can't wait to try it too!) This is selling at $6.50 too.

So do hop on down to her online store and check out the other products she carries. She brings in something new every now and then and she's just ventured into bath items. :)

Finding things at a steal, even for a couple of cents, makes me happy! Every pennny saved, goes a long way! :D


(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Munchkin Foodies Store in any way. I am not being paid to say this and all opinions expressed are my own. I'm only sharing because it IS an awesome find!)

Baby Recipe: Potato, Sweet Potato & Tuna Pasta

By CherylDee · November 19, 2011

A few days ago i decided to try out a recipe i found online. It sounded delicious, well in a baby delicious sorta way! :p So let's jump right into it. Here's a list or more like pictures of the items you will need to create this dish for your bubs.

I know i did not state any carrots in the title, but i did add in some, purely just for colour. Well and K loves carrots, but i added just a tiny bit. So there you have;

  • Heinz Baby Pasta Stars (You can get this from any leading supermarkets)
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Carrots (If you want)
  • Tuna in water or flakes if it's easier


So just chop up the items and pop them into a pot of boiling water. Chopping them up to smaller pieces makes it easier to mash up later when they're fully boiled. While your vegetables are boiling you can start doing your pastas in a seperate pot. For one serving you can just use 1 tablespoon worth of pastas. Up to you if you prefer the stars version or the spaghetti.

While waiting for everything to boil, Kiara came running into the kitchen on her walker screaming excitedly. Silly little girl. She's really fast on her walker now. Constantly zipping around the house. She's even learned to take a few steps back if she can't pass through something, she run really fast to enter where ever it is she is trying to get to. (She especially loves doin this when she wants to enter the toilet which she'll get stuck because she does not know how to come out!)

Once your vegetables are fully boiled, you can now proceed to purée them. You can either use a hand processor if you have one, mash them with a potato masher, a fork or if you're lazy like me, throw them into a blender and just blend it away. If you are using a blender, make sure it is not one which you have used for other items especially chili. What you use for baby SHOULD be different from what you use for your own cooking.

Once that is done, take out your tuny flakes an put how much you want for your baby. I used about a quater full of a tablespoon. I flaked them up even more so that it would be easier for K to swallow. This is also the first time that she's trying tuna. :D Once you've backed on the tuna, add your pasta stars/spaghetti on top and top it with your puréed vegetables.

The consistency of your vegetables might get too thick, i just added extra hot boiled water to smooth it out a little. You can add breast milk or formula too if you want. But i didn't think tuna would go well with that. :p Mix that all up and you're ready for lunch/dinner!

I must say Kiara really enjoyed it. She fnished the whole bowl! I watched for signs for any reactions to the tuna, but she was fine. So i'm glad that she's taking to it well. Making food for her has fast become a fun thing to do. It's a learning process all over again. I've always loved cooking. So its a joy to be cooking for her. Can't wait to try new and more exciting recipes!

Thanks for reading! TIll the next one! :D

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Introducing Texture

By CherylDee · November 19, 2011

I was looking forward to Kiara turning 7 months old with much enthusiasm. Not only did that mean she was half way through the year with only 5 more months till she turns 1, but that also meant that i could finally change her diet!

Introducing texture has been such an exciting experience. Both for Kiara and for myself. By texture i mean, having more lumps/chunks in the food. Prior to this, Kiara's food has always been pureed. It has been a smooth consistency with no lumps or chunks what so ever. I started out with trying out Heinz 7-9 months premade food in the jars. In one of my previous post, i stated that Heinz goes by colour coordinating the jar tops. So 7-9 months is the red jar tops.

These are just 3 flavours i am showing you. They have about 3/4 more here i believe. Kiara has very quickly picked her favourites. I really thought she'd love the Cheesy Bolognaise but to my surprise, she really and i mean REALLY, loves her Pumpkin & Couscous!

Just to show what i mean by chunks, below is a bowl of Cheesy Bolognaise. There are even bits of baby spaghetti but i could't seem to get a good shot of them, unfortunately. But below you can see bits of tomato and tomato. It tastes quite lovely too!

I've been searching high and low for recipes to try out for Kiara, and i managed to get quite a number of amazing ones online. Today, i finally bought a recipe book from Times Bookstore. I wouldn't say it has the greatest of recipes but some are worth a shot! But i can't wait to try these next,


Just a quick question for my other mummy friends. In this new recipe book theres a few egg recipes. When did you introduce eggs/cheese to your baby?

In my next few posts, i'll be sharing some recipes i've tried with K!

Thanks for reading!


SPOTTED: Unfurgivable!

By charlenejudith reblogged by CherylDee · May 25, 2012
CherylDee reblogged this from Sunbathing Muffins and added:
Thought i'd share this with everyone who likes going bare too! :D Thanks for the post Charlene!

Earlier this year, I went for my first Brazilian wax (Read about it here!)! And boy, was it an experience! Since then, I have liked my nether regions to be completely hmmm... Barren. Heh. So I have taken the permanent route. Here's something for you ladies who want go fur-free too!


Strip and PETA have formed an alliance in the battle against all fur! From now till December 31st, Brazilian waxes are going at $40 each (U.P. $58), of which $1 will be given to PETA. :DDD

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