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Dolled up journey to mummyhood, with some lipstick & a diaper at a time!

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Hey! My name is Cheryl de Mello and on the 7th of April 2011, together with my partner Sham, we celebrated the arrival our first little Princess. This blog was set up to share with everyone my journey to mummyhood, the glam doll way, With a little blush, mascara & some lipstick!

Thanks for joining me on my colourful journey!


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Baby Recipe: Chicken & Carrot Porridge [Plus Storage Solutions]

By CherylDee · March 5, 2012

This is probably one of Kiara's favourite dishes and i believe many asian kids too! It's easy peasy to make and tastes delish!

What you'll need:

  • Minced Chicken
  • Diced Carrots
  • Rice (Brown Rice if you want the healthier choice)
  • Bovril (optional)
  • Garlic (optional)
  • Chicken Stock (optional)


For all the items that i stated as optional, it's really up to you which you would prefer. Some would rather skip bovril & garlic and just use chicken stock, where as some would do the opposite. So that part is really up to you how you would like your baby's food to be. I personally have used all 3 methods and Kiara likes them all the same.

Step 1 : Add rice and carrots into a pot of boiling water (or boiling chicken stock). You can add  finely chopped garlic if you would prefer to add more flavour to the dish.

I let this simmer in for about 15/20 minutes till the carrots are relatively softer. Plus rice takes a while to cook too! Once done, add in your minced chicken which cooks quite fast since they're itty bitty pieces.

I don't know why the chicken tends to clump up when they cook so i always find myself mashing them into smaller pieces especially since Kiara has now learned how to spit it out if she thinks its too big for her to chew. Next i added in some Chicken Bovril which i must say, is so delish! I grew up with bovril in my porridge and hence why i introduced it to Kiara too. But not everyone likes the taste but between the original flavour and the new Chicken version, i LOVE the chicken! I sometimes add it into my soups to make it more delicious. :p

Note: Bovril is rich in flavour and you only need the tiniest amount for your dish, so be careful and add it bit by bit till you like the way it is. It can be quite salty if you put too much, but should that happen, add water. Always does the trick for me. Then continue to simmer and it will slowly thicken up again. :)

As a finishing touch, i blend it with my handprocessor to smoothen it out. Depending on the age of your child, you contro how pureed etc you would like it.

Once that is done, you're ready to serve! (Or dish it out but wait a good ten minutes for it to cool down, it will be too hot for bubs to eat) I sometimes add tofu into the porridge, depending if i remembered to buy some from the supermarket. I love the Chinese silken tofus best. So soft and yummy!

This is a really easy dish to make, and trust me, your bubs is going to love it! Good luck!


Initially i wanted to get a baby food processor but during one of the baby fairs i attended, i saw a Braun stand and was intrigued with this hand-processor. I believe in getting things that are more practical. I mean, a baby food processor would be nice, but i thought to myself, when would i have the next baby? Because you will only be fully pureering then semi puree the foods for about 11/12 months> Then what are you going to do with it till the next baby? If you plan on having more that is!

So hence why i bought this instead, because i can use it for baking, mincing and chopping of my other ingredients! (i don't use anything spicy with this though. I have a seperate blender for all my chili/spices. It was about $100 or slightly less and i reckon its the best buy ever!

(photo credits to http://braun.com)


Now on to storing and freezing the food. Some people love making fresh dishes and some like making them in batches. I like making mine in batches. I basically make enough for maybe 3/4 feeds/meals. The remainder i freeze. I bought this version as it was the only one i came across so far. It has 7 portions in a tray, which i find odd for me because every meal, Kiara has 2 portions worth. So i always end up with 1 that is alone and i don't know what to do with it! Found a few online with even numbers and probably might ship them in. :)

I found this in Takashimaya at the baby/kids floor. If i'm not wrong, it's SGD$39.90 and each is a ¼ cup (60ml) portion. This French brand also carries a variety of products under their belt. All of which comes in beautiful colours and i just love the texture of the products. They're silicon and just so easy to pop the food out when you need it! Initially i thought of getting this food processor too. It was just so small and compact!

(photo credits to http://beabausa.com)


Do check it out in Takashimaya if you're interested. I believe we carry the full range here in Singapore. I just love all the colour combinations for this brand and always find myself wanting something new from them!

Thanks for stopping by and reading me today! Till the next one!

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nice post ,thanks for your sharing

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