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Dolled up journey to mummyhood, with some lipstick & a diaper at a time!

A Little Note

Hey! My name is Cheryl de Mello and on the 7th of April 2011, together with my partner Sham, we celebrated the arrival our first little Princess. This blog was set up to share with everyone my journey to mummyhood, the glam doll way, With a little blush, mascara & some lipstick!

Thanks for joining me on my colourful journey!


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By CherylDee · May 15, 2011

Oh wow! Parenting sure does take p all your time doesn't it? I sure have missed blogging! So how has everyone been doing? We've been doing great so far. Kiara is such a big girl now, putting on so much weight and just growing. I kinda miss the times when she was so tiny! :( They just grow so fast! And i miss my pregnant self already! Something about being pregnant made me feel so beautiful and confident. :)

So Kiara is a month and a week old now. (Such a big girl! BOO!) Her sleeping patterns is pretty much about the same still. Though when she was turning into a month old, she refused to sleep through the night. Most of my friends with kids as well as my mother was saying that everytime a baby turns into a new month old, they start going through a new sleeping pattern, so Kiara was finding her new pattern that's why she refused to sleep. My friends kid actually runs a fever everytime he turns into a new month! WOW!

SO as the title suggests, that's what i'd like to talk about. While still admitted at the hospital, the nurses and the breastfeeding expert helped so much with getting Kiara to latch on. And i didn't pay close enough attention, so when we finally were able to go back home, I could not get Kiara to latch on right at all! Breastfeeding may be the most natural thing and may come naturally to some, and not so for others. I remember watching YouTube videos nonstop on how to get your baby to latch on right, how they'd teach you the C-hold grip etc, but i just couldn't get it right. I used to cry because i'd see her cry when she was hungry and i was unable to feed her. Made me feel so useless and guilty. And maybe i did not persevere enough, so we let Kiara take formula milk too.

After a week of trying and failing, we called the hospital and were told that we could get a 1-on-1 class with a breastfeeding expert and we immediately booked a slot for ourselves, Sham came along too so that he'd understand and remember things should i forget some. THAT WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER!! Signing up for the class definitely saved us. No amount of watching YouTube videos would have made me understand it as that class did for me. Fonnie, the BF expert, helped me understand how exactly to hold my child and the different types of positions (lying down, cradle hold & football hold), how to properly hold my breast (so that your nipple is facing upward to your child's nose etc) properly so as to ensure proper latching, how to deal with engorged breasts, sore and cracked nipples etc. The class was such a lifesaver!

I'm also currently taking FENUGREEK pills, which are known to help increase milk supply. I take 2 capsules 3 times daily. You can get these pills from your local health stores. I bought mine for about $23 at Natures Farm, which you can find all over Singapore. You can google and check in regards to the pills. So if you're anything like me, and had problems getting your baby to latch on, please don't hesitate to ask for help. Most hospitals offer you classes so just call and ask. Of course, you could always get your mother to help you too.

Breastfeeding takes practice and lots of patience. Remember to be calm and not lose your temper while feeding, especially if you don't get it right. Babies pick up after your emotions. Kiara won't feed when she senses that i'm agitated or angry, so be totally calm, find your cozy little corner and feed. :) Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond only a mother can share with her child and trust me, its my favourite time spent with Kiara.

Here's a couple of helpful links about breastfeeding.





Thanks for reading! Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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Hello ;) good to see u back ;) glad to know that u did not give up on breastfeeding. I took fenugreek too and it made me smell like maple syrup ;) muah haha... Coz it is used in artificial maple syrup ;)

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Oh is it? I can't stand the taste of it to be honest! Makes me burp funny. EEEYucks! But other than that, it has helped me heaps, i was so worried of my milk flow at the start, but now, oh boy, thanks to Fenugreek! :p

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