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Dolled up journey to mummyhood, with some lipstick & a diaper at a time!

A Little Note

Hey! My name is Cheryl de Mello and on the 7th of April 2011, together with my partner Sham, we celebrated the arrival our first little Princess. This blog was set up to share with everyone my journey to mummyhood, the glam doll way, With a little blush, mascara & some lipstick!

Thanks for joining me on my colourful journey!


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Colic Horror!

By CherylDee · June 2, 2011

A couple of days ago, we went to KK Women's and Childrens Hospital because Kiara was crying non-stop for 2 hours straight. It really broke my heart to see her cry that way. Usually i'm fine when she cries for any other thing, but seeing her tears and the pain in her eyes, was just unbearable.

We were actually trying to put her to sleep, and then out of no where, started crying uncontrollably! For some reason, we totally forgot to swaddle her, that actually helps a whole lot, but it just slipped our minds, we tried gripe water too but to no avail. Sham then decided what the heck, we'll just go to the hospital. We ended up staying at the hospital till 5am! Doc gave us some drops to help with her colic, and so far so good. She's gone to bed every night without ballin' her eyes out. I can't wait till she passes 4months. They say colic is the worst in their early months. :(

Anyways, on to some updates, we took her weight when we got to the hospital, guess that's the common procedure. So glad my little lady is packing on the pounds! She now weighs a whopping 4.5KG!! She's getting so chubby, her cheeks are so huge i constantly have to urge to pinch/bite them. Heh.  She's become quite a handful, most babies her age sleep mostly still, she's ALWAYS awake. She fights her sleep, just so she can see what's happening around her, little nosey girl. Then she gets so cranky and thats when we've got to calm her down and try put her to sleep. And well the cycle just repeats.

Time is passing us by so quick though, in 5 days, she'll be exactly 2 months old. :( Oh they grow so fast don't they? I miss how tiny she used to be already! She's such a big girl now! OY! Anyways, i picked up the cutest booties from MotherCare a couple of weeks ago. They cost $21 and they were just too adorable to pass! A little bunny bootie for my little girl born in the year of a rabbit! :D

Here's some pictures of our little munchkin and how much she's changed. Check out her chubby chub-chub cheeks! Don't you just wanna bite them! :p


You know what's really funny, everyone who sees her pictures automatically think she's a big baby, but she's actually quite tiny still. Oh the way pictures deceive you!

Ps: I'm gonna start typing out other posts and save them in my drafts because, i never seem to finish one post without the princess demanding my undivided attention. That way, perhaps i will be able to update this blog a little more. :)


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hope ur baby's better! she's such a cutie :D

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Kiara is tooo cute (: I hope shes feeling better too!!

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She's doing much better thank you. :) She's getting so chubby! Oh my goodness! I'm starting to feel her weight! :p

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Oh I am glad she is doing better and she is such a cutie!!!!

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so cute!

posted by Anonymous

hey there, how long did u give baby Kiara the colic drop? my baby having colic too.

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