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Dolled up journey to mummyhood, with some lipstick & a diaper at a time!

A Little Note

Hey! My name is Cheryl de Mello and on the 7th of April 2011, together with my partner Sham, we celebrated the arrival our first little Princess. This blog was set up to share with everyone my journey to mummyhood, the glam doll way, With a little blush, mascara & some lipstick!

Thanks for joining me on my colourful journey!


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What's in your Diaper Bag?

By CherylDee · October 8, 2011

Prior to having Kiara, i always wondered why parents were lugging around this huge bag on top of having to push a stroller with a baby. I thought, "Seriously? Aren't you carrying just a little too much?" Boy was i wrong! Now that i have a child, i can totally relate! I always pack spares now. I learnt my lesson! You never know when your child might dirty themselves. And trust me, it always happens!

So here's how my diaper bag looks like. (Thank you mum for giving it to me!) Its from Kipling. It also comes with a changing pad too! It's funny because my step dad actually bought that bag for my mum without realising that it was a diaper bag. She likes big chunky bags thats why!

The inner organizer piece that holds everything in place can be taken out, but i like that it has extra pockets to store other things like extra clothes, burp cloths, pacifier and bottle nipple wipes etc. The side pockets are the perfect size to put in our nappy cream as well as the milk powder storage container! Love it! Now that Kiara takes solids, i also carry her food in a container which fits perfectly in it too. Here's my list of items i have in my diaper bag;

  • 6 pieces of nappies
  • Hugies Wet Wipes
  • 2 bottles (1 for Milk, 1 for Juice) + Bottel warmer holder
  • 4 extra pairs of onesies
  • Pacifier & Nipple wipes
  • Nappy Cream
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Yu Yee Oil (Cap Limau) or Minyak Telon in Lavender   (This works wonders for wind! I always put it on her tummy!)
  • Pacifier
  • Toys! Lots of Toys!

I got this hand disinfectant from the Baby Fair a couple of months back as well and it's been a lifesaver. I can't stress enough how important it is for clean hand when handling your child! Especially since i often give her biscuits and what have yous, it's so important to keep my hands clean and sterilized so to speak. :)

By the way, i've been using Mothercare's nappy cream for a long while now. Was initially using Jurlique's cream but it didn't help when K had a real bad nappy rash. Sham's mother who swears by Mothercare's products, yes she used the same nappy cream with Sham's siblings the many years ago, bought us a few and it has been absolutely fantastic! I like that it's thick and creamy and protects baby's bum. K hasn't had any rash or sores since! This is definitely my holy grail! What's yours?

Oh remember a couple of months back i wrote about how Kiara was having bad heat rash on her neck? We brought her in to see the pediatrician that is at Olive Tree in Forum. So the spray that she reccommended us to get is this ----->

We buy them it in 2 sizes, 150ml and the 300ml respectively. If i'm not wrong Guardian & Watsons was/is having a promo on them. So you buy 2 150ml ones for $20+? And 2 of the 300ml one for $30+? I've seen the individual pricing for just one bottle on its own and its insanely priced! But it seriously works wonders! So i know i'm spending good money on a product that actually works! Bless the French for their wonderful skincare products! :D (Adults can use this too! Sham uses it when he has slight rashes and they disappear so quick!)

So if you still carry a diaper bag for your little munchkin, i'm tagging you to do this post too! I'd like to know what do you carry in yours? :)

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